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We have been in the filter material and separation equipment business since 1990.We are a technology-based enterprice specializing in the development、design and manufacturer of filter material&separation equipment with 30 year’experience.The company has passed the certifications of ISO9001 quality management systerm.Products of the company are exported to the United States, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, Russia and many other nations and regions.

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  • Guotao gas filter revolutionizes industrial filtration

    In today's industrial environment, filtration systems play a vital role in keeping processes running smoothly and efficiently. The need for reliable and efficient filtration systems is becoming more and more important, and Guotao's gas filter elements are a good example ...

  • Choosing the Right Filter Material for Smoke and Air Filters

    As a responsible business owner, maintaining the air quality in your workplace is of paramount importance. The most effective way is to use the correct filter material in the fume and air filter. In this article, we will discuss two types of filters and different types o...

  • Combining Mist Eliminators and Structured Packing to Improve Process Efficiency

    As technology continues to advance, the need for increased processing efficiency has never been higher. When it comes to chemical processing, investing in quality equipment is critical. Mist eliminators, in particular, have become a staple in many industries due to their...